RM Global Consultants is a professional services company based in Singapore offering Business Process Outsourcing services for clients who wish to focus on their core competencies and leave administration matters to reliable third parties.

Streamlined Company Incorporation Process

Our global consultant company specializes in assisting clients with the seamless incorporation of new companies. With our extensive knowledge of local regulations and legal requirements, we guide businesses through the entire process, ensuring compliance and efficiency. From preparing necessary documents to liaising with government authorities, we handle every step to establish a legally recognized entity.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Our professional corporate secretarial services ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate governance standards. We assist clients in maintaining statutory registers, organizing board meetings, preparing resolutions, and fulfilling filing obligations. With our expertise, businesses can navigate complex corporate secretarial matters with ease

Nominee Directors/Shareholders

For clients who require confidentiality or face specific legal obligations, we offer the provision of nominee directors or shareholders. Our consultant company can arrange for qualified individuals to act as nominees while ensuring that the ultimate control and decision-making power remain with the client. This service provides an added layer of privacy and flexibility for businesses operating in various jurisdictions.

Import and Export License

We assist clients in obtaining import and export licenses, facilitating their international trade activities. Our consultants navigate the complexities of licensing requirements, documentation, and compliance procedures, ensuring that businesses can engage in cross-border trade smoothly and efficiently. We provide guidance on import/export regulations, assist with license applications, and support ongoing compliance with relevant authorities.

Taxation Services

Our taxation experts assist clients in navigating the complexities of tax regulations. We provide strategic tax planning, compliance services, and tax advisory solutions tailored to individual business needs. Our goal is to optimize tax positions, minimize liabilities, and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

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